Tips To Keep In Mind Before Moving Forward With Mold Remediation

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Do you suspect or flat-out know that there is mold developing somewhere in your basement, your crawlspace, or any other part of your house? Beginning mold remediation quickly before it has a chance to get worse is important, but it's also a good idea to take a step back and make sure you are prepared for what's ahead. You don't want to spend time cleaning the area only to find that you missed a spot that will allow the mold to grow back over time. Here are some tips to keep in mind before moving forward with mold remediation. 

Make Sure All of the Moisture Is Gone

Mold typically develops in dark, damp areas. The first thing you should be thinking about if you haven't already is why this part of your house became damp to begin with. If you have a leak in your basement foundation or a problem with your plumbing that is causing water to drip, these are both things that will need to be tackled first before you begin thinking about mold removal. If you leave the source of the moisture around, you are likely just going to re-develop more mold in the future. Defeat the source of the problem first before you move on to the damage it caused.

Invest in the Proper Safety Gear Before Spending Time in the Affected Area

Once you are ready to begin, make sure you are properly prepared. You will want to wear a face mask and perhaps even goggles while cleaning the mold, and it's likely some mold spores will go into the air. It can unhealthy or even dangerous for humans to breathe these in. Wear long sleeves so your skin does not touch the mold directly while you are scrubbing. Use a wire brush or something else that you can hold in your hand to touch and scrub the mold off without having to wipe it directly with a cloth.

If You Believe the Mold May Be Spreading, It's Likely Best to Contact a Professional

If you are absolutely certain that the mold is only in one area of your home, you may be able to tackle the project yourself as long as you are careful. But the problem with mold, especially mold that is developing behind a wall, is that it can be hard to see just how far it's actually spread. For best results, you should reach out to a mold remediation professional to make sure you actually remove every last bit of mold from your home.

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